Lance Price

Incorporating a variety of styles and influences from every genre of music from rock and blues to country, Lance Price has been bringing his signature guitar and vocal sounds to the Atlanta music scene for the past ten years. Whether playing dazzling melodic lines on his electric guitar with a band or delivering a powerful solo performance on his acoustic guitar, Lance brings a blend of sonic alchemy to a gig that commands attention.

Lance Price began playing guitar at age seven in his hometown of Oglethorpe, Georgia. By the age of seventeen his abilities landed him a gig in the house band of a local music hall, the Silver Moon in Buena Vista, Georgia, where Lance and the band opened for a variety of country music stars from Little Texas to the legendary George Jones. Out of necessity, Lance began singing and his vocal abilities soon moved him to the front of the band. This lead to many other gigs in the South Georgia area, including performing for former President Jimmy Carter’s family reunion.

After finishing college with a degree in chemistry, of all things, Lance decided to relocate to Atlanta to further his music career. He soon started the rock band Vynl with fellow songwriter Tori Young and landed such prestigious gigs as performing at the Atlanta Local Music Awards alongside such bands as Drivin’ and Cryin’ and Downtown Rocks opening for Collective Soul. Vynl also got a song on the 2002 Atlantis Music Conference Compilation Disc. All the while, Lance was captivating audiences at local clubs with innovative solo gigs utilizing a loop pedal that led some people to believe that more than one person was performing.

While working as a session guitarist at Sound Decision Studios and other studios in the Atlanta area, Lance met producer Brian Stephens who brought him in on his pet project, Ocean Street, with whom he recorded and released their 2006 debut album, Ocean Street, at Stephens’ Bonzo Tunes Studio. Lance spent most of 2007 out on the road with Ocean Street promoting their album to college towns, beach bars such as Spinnaker in Panama City and A.J.’s in Destin, Fl, as well as mid-size venues around the country such as the famous Piere’s in Fort Wayne, IN.

While focusing on songwriting and a solo career, Lance met longtime friend and musician Wes McElmoyle, an impressive violinist and mandolin player. The two soon began gaining notoriety as a high energy acousitc duo around the Southeast.

In 2010 Lance joined one of Atlanta’s biggest and well-renowned corporate/wedding bands, U.S. Beat and also sings and plays guitar for Last Five Standing, a popular rock cover band.

Lance is also currently pursuing a solo career writing and recording new songs and performing at local venues and private events. His long awaited debut album, Macon County Line, will be be released this year. With 300+ gigs a year all over the Southeast, Lance Price has proven himself again and again with a musical prowess and professionalism underlined by a southern charm that is unique among musicians. Weddings, corporate events, or just someone throwing a party, whether laid-back or high-energy, solo or with his band, Lance can fit in with and accommodate any crowd!

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